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Reward Nights are changed again…

January 7th, 2013 48 comments

 What: The Rewards scheme changes again, is this now an annual event as we faced a devaluation this time last year? Previously each brand had its own range of redemption values, with the new scheme the brand is no longer important. It’s too early to find out which category a hotel falls in to, but the categories are as follows. Full details on the Priority Club website are here.

  • Category 1      10,000 Points
  • Category 2      15,000 Points
  • Category 3      20,000 Points
  • Category 4      25,000 Points
  • Category 5      30,000 Points
  • Category 6      35,000 Points
  • Category 7      40,000 Points
  • Category 8      45,000 Points
  • Category 9      50,000 Points
  • Add 10,000 Points for all inclusive resorts
  • The new rates haven’t been published, but expect to see the lower scale brands, such as Holiday Inn Express & Candlewood suites, in big and expensive cites (London, Paris & New York) go through the roof


  • The new scheme is effective from 18th January 2013
  • The you can still book rooms under the rewards structure until: 18th March 2013 by telephone


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March 23rd, 2011 15 comments

Crack the Case Promotion continues until the end of May – check your progress

Did you get free nights from the Sweet Dilemma promotion? Book them here. Free nights expire on the 31st May

Priority Club Reward points come to my rescue  – I arrived home at 5pm yesterday to find my bathroom in pieces – the plumber didn’t quite finish the job as promised.  1 hour later I’ve spent in 15,000 reward points and US$60 and I’m checking in to the local Crowne Plaza – had I paid cash it would have cost US$300+ for a walk in. Great to get last minute availability for reward nights.