Any Hotel Card

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What’s the idea?

Cash in your points for any_hotel_250pre-paid American express cards which you can use at almost any lodging worldwide.

How does it work?

It’s an American Express card preloaded with the purchased amount on it. You can use it in any hotel (worldwide) which accepts American Express, when booking/checking out at the hotel – although if you plan to pay on arrival it’s worth checking first to ensure that they accept them before you book.

How many points do I need to get one?

This varies by the currency of the card, but for cards issued in US dollars – the points requirements is as follows, looking at the rates, the higher value cards make for better value:

  • USD$100 – 33,000 Points
  • USD$125 – 39,000 Points
  • USD$150 – 45,000 Points
  • USD$200 – 60,000 Points
  • USD$250 – 72,000 Points

Special Offers?

Yes, occasionally, at the time of writing there is currently a 50% off (the points required to purchase one) sale on Australian Any Hotel cards – which is only any good if you live in Australia – as they won’t ship them elsewhere!

How do I get one?

Select from the links below depending on where you live..

How do I find out what credit I have remaining?

Visit this site

  1. a.a.k
    November 9th, 2009 at 05:49 | #1

    I am now a resident in the Middle East
    How do I buy this card
    Is it used in the Middle East

    Thank You Too Much

  2. Drew
    April 5th, 2011 at 18:06 | #2

    The prices went up on these things since the last time I checked. About a 15-20% increase!
    $100 – 33,000 pts
    $125 – 39,000 pts
    $150 – 45,000 pts
    $200 – 60,000 pts
    $250 – 72,000 pts

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