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The bottom line on Elite Qualifying Points in 2013…

February 4th, 2013 45 comments

What: In previous years it was possible to secure Platinum status somewhere between 5 to 10 nights. Why? Because there were so many bonus points available and they all counted towards the 60,000 point target. This all changed in 2013, the following was received and posted by Dan which lays out the changes…

Beginning 01 Jan 2013, for purposes of determining Elite Status, Priority Club points are classified as either Elite Qualifying Points or Non-Elite Qualifying Points. The elite qualifying points which will be counted toward membership elite status are:

  • Base points earned from qualifying rates paid for hotel stays
  • Points collected from partner transactions
  • Bonus Point packages
  • Meeting Rewards points

All other point earning transactions will be considered non-elite qualifying points and will not be counted toward elite status”


From personal experience and reading comments posted..(please add your experiences below)


  • All of the above
  • Points for affilated Credit card spend

Not qualifying

  • Points awarded (or purchased) with Ambassador Membership
  • Status bonus points (10% for Gold, 50% for Platinum)
  • Credit card sign up bonuses

The bottom line

  • Come 2014 the number of Platinum members will dramatically fall – will this open the door for better benefits and guaranteed upgrades? Over to you Priority Club…
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