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2012 – Q4 Stay Promotions

September 17th, 2012 19 comments

The quarterly offers are back for quarter 4, 2012. All offers below are based  nights.

What: “To show our appreciation for your loyalty, we’re offering you the opportunity to earn x,000 bonus points.  Simply register and stay x nights between 1 October and 31st December 2012, at any of of our 4,400 locations worldwide.. .”

Where: Worldwide

When: 1 October to 31 December 2012

Brands: All Brands


  • Register: -Stay 3 nights earn 5,000 bonus points
  • Register: -Stay 7 nights earn 10,000  bonus points
  • Register: -Stay 15 nights earn 15,000  bonus points


  1. You should receive one offer in your e-mail (thank you all for posting/sending me your personal offers). If you haven’t signed up yet then have a look below and see if there is a better offer for your travel pattern –  please note:
  2. You can only sign up for one of these offers (either from this page or via your targeted e-mail from Priority Club)
  3. Once you have signed up you can’t change your mind!

40% Extra free when you buy Priority Club Points

September 16th, 2012 5 comments

What: ” Buy Priority Club points between September 13 – October 15, 2012 and automatically receive a 40% bonus on the number of points purchased. Top up your account and buy your Priority Club points today!”

When: Until October 15th 2012

How: Click Here

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IHG – Not happy bunnies…

September 7th, 2012 99 comments

Just had a lovely letter from those folk in Atlanta (to read the full version click on the post) who aren’t very happy about the use of “Priority Club” in the domain name.

I can’t really argue with the fact that it may “creates confusion by suggesting IHG’s sponsorship or endorsement of your website” as I get a numerous emails from folk wanting me to credit points for their stay in <insert hotel name here> due to their questionable IT system and raft of unclear rules of when you do/do not get points for a stay. But I do disagree with “Continued use of the Domain Name will cause loss of goodwill to IHG” – I think the site does the opposite.

What seems odd is that…

  • It’s taken this long for them to get around to it ( 2 1/2 years) – and it’s not like this is a new initiative as I know of another site that received this letter last year and the person on the other end of this letter (name withheld)  has been working for IHG since 2000 – so must have been aware of the site for at least 18 months?
  • I  promote IHG promotions which helps drive customers to their hotel = more revenue
  • There is no loss in revenue to IHG as any links that I create in my posts to IHG do not earn me, and therefore cost them, any commission.

I guess I’m just out of favour this month – or it’s the lack of recent updates (sorry)….

Anyway, I don’t really fancy a legal battle so it’s time to rename the site – suggestions welcome – although I think is out (even though it’s available)


Read more…

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Last Minute Reward Nights Released for September 7th,8th and 9th.

September 5th, 2012 22 comments

What: “Save 50% with Last Minute Reward Nights: Be spontaneous! Book your weekend getaway now for stays on September 7th,8th and 9th.” – Although a disappointing lot this time – does anyone actually use these? I guess if you’ve booked already then you cancel and rebook – but otherwise I can’t see the point.

Brands: All brands feature including one Presidente Cozumel Resort Spa  at 15,000 points if you fancy a last minute break in Mexico

Where: 66 locations worldwide

When: For any nights September 7th,8th and 9th.

How: Book here

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