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1000 Point Credit Card Bonus [Finished]

May 28th, 2012 66 comments

Sorry – all voucher codes are now gone!

What: I received a note from a IHG employee as follows..

So currently, when you check in at an IHG hotel (like a Holiday Inn) and you’re a Priority Club Rewards member, you get a slip of paper with a unique promo code on it to get 1,000 Priority Club Rewards (PCR) points for free for watching a 90 second video at

I know this because I’m a Front Desk Associate at a hotel, and I have a ton of slips to give away. If you want one of these unique promo codes, email me below!

It’s USA only, and you only get the PCR points once per account which may be why some of you aren’t getting points. You could be using a promo code that’s been used. That’s why I can’t post the list here.

When: Until the vouchers run out

Where: USA only

How: Drop an email to removed (this will forward on to person above)

Points Breaks List Updated

May 23rd, 2012 9 comments

Folks, get in there quick – the new points break list has been updated. Now valid for stays until July 31st 2012!

Highlights include:

Book now…

(What are Points Breaks anyway?)

Ambassador Renewal – Which is the best deal?

May 20th, 2012 7 comments

Unfortunately my days of a Royal Ambassador are behind me, so I now have to pay to renew. Is it worth it? For me the weekend certificate benefit makes it worth my while. So I have carried out some analysis on the renewal options open to you.

If you’re points rich then go for Offer 4 – there’s little reason to hang on to thousands of points which may get devalued with little notice. For everyone else if we value points at US$7 per 1,000 points based on this method  and if you need some additional points then Offer 2 gives best value – if you plan to redeem more than 80,000 points then Offer 3 is your friend as we can value 8,000 points at US$56.

  • Offer 1: Renew for $100 and receive 5,000 bonus points
  • Offer 2: Renew for $150 and receive 15,000 bonus points
  • Offer 3: Renew for $200 and receive 15,000 bonus points plus a 10% points rebate on Reward Nights for a whole year
  • Offer 4: Renew using 20,000 of your Priority Club points and receive 5,000 bonus points

You can renew here

Hope that helps – read full article.

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InterContinental San Francisco has new perks for frequent visitors!

May 14th, 2012 8 comments

What: The InterContinental San Francisco is looking to treat its best, repeat customers to additional perks – and launched a unique “Milestone Stay” program aimed at making you feel extra welcome!

  • 10th Milestone Stay: Your room will include a picture frame holding a favorite photograph. You’ll get an upgrade to a Junior Suite based upon availability.
  • 25th Milestone Stay: Expect the above, plus an “I” logo pen.
  •  50th Milestone Stay: Expect the above, plus a pair of monogrammed slippers. For the upgrade, you’ll get to stay in one of the hotel’s luxury suites such as the Presidential Suite.
  • 75th Milestone Stay: Expect the above, including the extra-nice upgrade, plus a plush, monogrammed InterContinental bathrobe that can either stay at the hotel or be shipped to your home.
  • 100th Milestone Stay: Expect the above, plus a personalized iPod to keep in the room.
  • 250th Milestone Stay: All of the above, plus the hotel will name a suite after you (after all, you probably already “live” there!). The hotel would actually place a plaque outside the door with your name on it.

Where:  InterContinental San Francisco, USA

How: Stay at InterContinental San Francisco

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Holiday Inn / Visa Olympics Extra Points Promotion

May 13th, 2012 27 comments

What: Holiday Inn / Visa Olympics Promotion

  • Offer Part 1: 1000 Points per night up to 20,000 points
  • Offer Part 2: Stay for any 6 nights at any Holiday Inn® or Holiday Inn Express® in the UK before 15 July 2012, you will receive a limited edition Panasonic camera so you can capture all the thrills of London 2012
  • Offer Part 3: Online booking bonus of 250 Points for the first 5 stays (Note this is only mentioned in the terms and conditions and not in the main text – so either it’s valid or someone has been trigger happy with the cut and paste)

(This may be part of this promotion or completely separate…time will tell)

Where: Part 2 – UK only. Part 1 & 3 – all brands

When: 1st June to  3rd Septebember 2012

Brands: Part 2 – Holiday Inn / Holiday Inn Express. Part 1 & 3 – all brands

How: / Register

20,000 Priority Club Reward Points Summer Promotion

May 12th, 2012 19 comments

What:  Beginning June 1, Priority Club Rewards will give its members the opportunity to earn 1,000 bonus points for every qualifying night through Sept. 3, 2012, up to 20,000 bonus points.

Note: The press team and the IT team aren’t talking to each other! The link is not yet working…check soon!

Brands: All brands

Where: Wordwide

When: 1st June 2012 to 3rd September 2012


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