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Ambassador Joining Fees up by 33%

As of the 1st July 2010, the Ambassador joining fee has risen from US$150 to US$200. This is a double blow to EU residents who have also seen the USD/EUR exchange rate weaken over the last 6 months, meaning that the cost Ambassador status has effectively gone up from €100 in December 2009 to ~€157 today.

You can alternatively use 32,000 points to buy status (previously 24,000 points).

The renewal fee has remained the same at US$100 or 18,000 points.

So what do you get for the new “enhanced” fee – nothing more than you received before!

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  1. bruinkid
    July 10th, 2010 at 22:52 | #1

    I want to remind everyone that ambassador weekend certificate needs to book using the link in ambweekend page. The rate for the previous night before the free night is actually either best flexible rate or a rate higher than best flexible rate. Consider that you can book a night using advanced purchase rate or other promotion rate, one expensive night plus one free night should be compared with two less expensive nights. therefore, if you are buying ambassador because you think it’s a good rate after a free night, then you need to think twice. I think it’s worth it if you are going to spend more than 10 nights in IC within a year, or you need it to upgrade to royal ambassador.

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