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Free Nights Extended

Well, you read it here first, the rumourĀ  reported here on Monday is now officially true! The free nights deal has been extended to the 15th August. Sign up and updated T&C’s have been published.

Key points:

  • You need to sign up again – even if you signed up for the first promotion
  • You can only get a maximum of free 4 nights across the entire promotion (from May to August)
  • You will not earn base and elite points or miles if you sign up for this promotion
  • If you already have 3 nights and have a lot of stays planned, consider the double points promotion instead.

And finally, I think it’s unlikely that if you have an odd night left over from the first leg of this promotion that it will carry across to the second leg to go towards your next free night – but could be proven wrong..you tell me!

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